...about Doug Andrew & The Circus In Flames

"...a great acoustic-rooted band that has reaped acclaim for Andrew's superior songwriting." -Vancouver Province July/06

"...Brilliant. 9 out of 10" -Paul Kerr CD review -Americana UK Jan/07

"...3½ out of 4 stars... Top Track: Someday Soon by Vancouver's The Circus in Flames" -Greg Quill CD review -Toronto Star Aug/07

"...His original self-titled album was one of my all time favourites...A Little Bit of Gasoline more than lives up to the promise of its predecessor... "essential listening." -Red Cat News Sept/06

"Andrew is a great songwriter...while Circus In Flames are his extraordinarily sympathetic band...a weird mix of musical eclecticism built on a dark folklore" -Tom Harrison -Vancouver Province Oct/06

"Someday Soon...It's a scintillatingly morose take...In a welter of excellent renditions, this is the stand-out, not for its excellent composition but rather the moving interpretation." -Mark S. Tucker CD review -Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange 2007

"...His distinctive voice and enthusiasm brought down the house when he appeared here as part of the Ian Tyson Tribute and the Hanging with Hank shows." -Cam Hayden -SEE Magazine (Edmonton) Jan/04

"...the band always impresses with the quality of its songs." -Vancouver Province July/05

"...one of the 'buzz' acts of Jazz City (International Music Festival)...the group play a compelling hybrid of country, folk, jazz and blues hammered out with a garage-rock band's intensity. The group themselves term their sound "sheet metal country," which is an epithet so good they should trademark it now before some weasly music critic appropriates it...Doug Andrew has also written some fascinating lyrics..." -Vue Weekly (Edmonton) Oct/98

"...a very enjoyable (yet brooding) sound that inspires elated crowds to synchronized drunken swaying (really - I've seen it!)..." - Janis Mckenzie -Discorder Magazine (Vancouver) May/97

"...a brilliant show by Vancouver's Circus In Flames...like some Dirty '30's skiffle band that wandered off the docks of their home-town's Lower East Side, the band created a feel not unlike sitting on an old movie set in an ancient New York restaurant or coffeehouse...it was too cool...one glorious sound ...Andrew strummed away, looking like a raggedy hobo who might have just stumbled off a boxcar while he conducted the others...(he) has a way with language and a way of wrapping his stories around a simple rhythm that should shuffle him off into the Canadian musical songwriting hierarchy...he can thread a tale that sticks to the listener, enlightening that dark spot in the mind..." -Warren Footz -SEE Magazine (Edmonton) Oct/98

"(Andrew's) voice just fills the sky." -Ramblin' Jack Elliott

"You rocked." -Ian Tyson

"As one of many onlookers who was totally taken...it's hard to know where to begin when describing this band...If the first couple of songs of a set weren't enough to grab you by the collar...Andrew's charismatic appeal was. Looking like he could be Harry Dean Stanton's brother and armed with a voice that resembles that of Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Andrew is a smouldering ember on stage...To say this band has something special is an understatement...Chemistry, a unique but rooted musical vision and character all in one band is hard to find these days. Catch The Circus In Flames at all costs." -Peter North -Vue Weekly (Edmonton) July/98

...about The Circus In Flames debut recording

"Four-stars" -Bob Gottlieb -All Music Guide

"A strong argument for indie release of the year...best described as Hank Williams Sr. meets Tom Waits meets Jimmie Rodgers at an impromptu jam during the recording of The Basement Tapes...a refreshing change from mega-budget recordings and proves that character can be a far better investment than mere dollars and cents." -Pieter Hofmann -Dirty Linen #73 - Dec'97/Jan'98

"...this is a world class talent. Doug's abilities to create both a visual and deep emotional experience with his exceptional lyrical and vocal skills are very impressive...The group dynamics shift and drive as the songs demand. Sparse and dark to rocking...Don't pass it by...This is the needle in a haystack/the real deal. No shit." -Tony Vicar -Mohair Sweets (Winnipeg) Aug/97

"I can't remember the last time I listened to music that felt so quintessentially Canadian. There's something happening here. Something interesting. Something worth listening to...this band is a bright beacon in a sea of mediocrity." -Gary 'pigboy' Swartz -Drop-D Magazine (Vancouver) Oct/97