SEE Magazine: Issue #460: September 19, 2002

by Kirby

The circus comes to town
Ringmaster Doug Andrew solo

Edmontonís love affair with Vancouverís Doug Andrew began back in 1998 when Mike McDonald brought Circus In Flames to the Black Dog. Andrew was the ringmaster as his band was touring behind their self-titled debut release. (They described the sound as "sheet-metal country").

But, Circus In Flames havenít played here for years, causing many to wonder if the Ďbig topí has gone up in smoke.

"The Circus In Flames is still alive. My intention from the beginning was for it to be able to expand and contract in size, depending on the types of gigs I was playing and the availability of the various musicians involved," explains Andrew.

"I realized pretty early on that itís difficult for each member to get everything he or she wants out of music from just one outfit. Iíve always encouraged the players to pursue other musical interests and, although it can make for conflicting schedules, it seems to keep everyone happier in the long run. The last little while Iíve been interested in and offered smaller solo and duo gigs in coffee houses and bars. The Circus will return, though."

When we see Andrewís singer songwriter side this weekend, weíll be privy to a real retrospective of his career.

"Thereíll be some songs off The Circus CD, some new ones and a couple of my favorite covers thrown in if thereís time," he says. "I believe that if youíre going to be a good songwriter, the song has to be able to stand on its own with just you and your instrument."

You have two opportunities to catch Andrew this Friday. Heíll play the opening set (7:30 p.m.) in front of Jesse Winchester on Friday night at Festival Place in Sherwood Park, then over at the Sugarbowl (10922-88 Ave.) For info call: 433-8369.

For tickets to Doug Andrew and Jesse Winchester call 449-FEST

* * *

The Rev Cabaretís talent buyer Brent Oliver has been booking some great gigs this month, including sold-out shows from Maceo Parker and the Hi-Phoniqs the past two weekends. This Friday, Sept. 20 should also prove to be a slam-dunk with the Global Visions Film Festival 5th annual Moonlight Jam.

Hats off to the musicians who donated their time for this worthy cause, including: the Almost Leather Band, Anna Beaumont, Bill Bourne, Paul Bromley, Delia, Flamenco en Vivo, Kevin Cook, Mike McDonald, Terry Morrison & John Gorham, and The Rambling Rose Revue. The emcees are Wes Borg and Frank Bessai.

Tickets are $20 in advance, $15 for Global Visions Members and are available for purchase at: Tix on the Square, Earthís General Store, Mountain Equipment Co-op, Naked Cyber Cafe on Jasper Ave. The Revís at 10030-102 St. Doors are at 8 pm, show at 10:00. Call 424ó2745 for info.

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